SC 1.4 - Interaction of Celestial and Terrestrial Reference Frames

WG 1.4.1: Geophysical and Astronomical Effects and the Consistent Determination of Celestial and Terrestrial Reference Frames



Chair: Zinovy Malkin (Russia)

WG 1.4.1 is created to promote and coordinate investigations of the impact of geophysical and astronomical modeling on the terrestrial and celestial reference frames (TRF and CRF) and the consistency between CRF, TRF, and Earth orientation parameters (EOP), the latter serving as the transformation parameters between TRF and CRF. The primary attention will be given to Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) as the only technique nowadays that can provide highly consistent global solutions for TRF, CRF, and EOP.


  • Encourage and develop cooperation and collaboration in theoretical studies, simulations, and processing of real data aimed at a better understanding of the impact of geophysical and astronomical modeling on TRF, CRF, and EOP derived from VLBI observations.
  • Advance means of comparing models as well as TRF, CRF, and EOP realizations.
  • Compare different theoretical models and their realizations used by VLBI analysis centers. Study the propagation of differences in those models to differences in geodetic and astrometric products.
  • Develop practical recommendations for VLBI analysis centers and the IERS Conventions Center on the optimal models to be used during processing of VLBI observations.


Z. Malkin (Russia)

J. Böhm (Austria)

S. Lambert (France)

C. Ma (USA)

R. Haas (Sweden)

H. Spicakova (Austria)

R. Heinkelmann (Germany)

D. MacMillan (USA)



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