JWG1.3: Strategies for epoch reference frames


The primary objective of the Working Group is to develop strategies for the computation of epoch reference frames, based on the combination of the space geodetic techniques VLBI, SLR, GNSS and DORIS and to assess their potentials in terms of accuracy, stability and global availability in order to provide recommendations for further IERS products.

The development of computation strategies for epoch reference frames will comprise the following main topics: (i) the evaluation of the individual contribution of the techniques to an epoch reference frame, (ii) the analysis of the technique and combined solutions w.r.t. a suitable temporal resolution of the reference frame, (iii) strategies for the weighting of the techniques and the implementation of the terrestrial difference vectors (local ties) for epoch reference frame computation will be developed, (iv) the datum realization for combined epoch solutions will be investigated and (v) finally, the accuracy and stability of the reference frame series will be assessed.

The application of epoch reference frames, in particular on regional level, are a further important aspect, which will be kept in mid. But the full consideration of this topic would be beyond the scope of the actual WG and might be the topic of a subsequent WG.

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