SC 1.3f - Antartica

WG 1.3f.2 - Deformation Models for Reference Frames

Chair: Richard Stanaway (Australia)

The primary aim of the WG is to develop tectonic deformation models that will enable transformation of locations within a defined reference frame between different epochs. Such deformation models are essential to support precise point positioning applications and CORS/NRTK operations within deforming zones.



R. Stanaway (Australia)

Christopher Pearson (New Zealand)

Paul Denys (New Zealand)

Kevin Kelly (USA)

Rui Fernandes (Portugal)

Craig Roberts (Craig Roberts)

Graeme Blick (New Zealand)

Chris Crook (New Zealand)

John Dawson (Australia)

Mikael Lilje (Sweden)

Laura Sanchez (Germany)

Rob McCaffrey (USA)

Norman Teferle (Luxembourg)



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