SC 1.1 - Coordination of Space Techniques

WG 1.1.1: Creation of common geodetic coordinate time series

Chair: Laurant Soudarin (France)

This working group, formed in collaboration with the IERS, will explore methods for creating position time series for the different geodetic techniques so that they can be displayed in a common format and consistent reference frame. The working group will explore, in the format and interfaces for time series. A common tool that can be used to display and compare these results will also be developed. The working group will have a representative from each technique combination centre, a representative from the ITRS combination centre, and that the GGOS portal manager. There should also be representatives from the geophysics/geodynamics and oceanography communities who are seen as the primary uses of this product. The final product of this working group will be recommendations on how the geodetic community should proceed in developing common positional time series and making such results readily available to the broad scientific community.



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