Programme of Activities

The programme of activities for Commission 1 includes:

  • Encourage, initiate, and support theoretical and applied research activities related to reference frames.
  • Enforce Research and Development activities that impact the reference frame determination and its accuracy as well as the best and optimal usage of reference frame in Earth Science applications.
  • Closely interact with all established IAG Services: IVS, IGS, ILRS, IDS and the IERS, including their Combination Centers and Working Groups.
  • Theory and application of the transformation between Celestial and Terrestrial Reference Systems and application to the consistency between ICRF, ITRF and EOPs, in cooperation with IVS and IERS.
  • Explore advanced methodologies for the combination of products and raw observations of space geodetic techniques.
  • Investigate all systematic error sources and factors limiting the precision of space geodetic techniques and their combination.
  • Within each regional sub commission, encourage and assist regional sub-commission countries to re-define and modernize their national geodetic systems so that they are compatible with the ITRF.
  • Maintain a dedicated Web site relating all Commission 1 activities.

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