IC-SG1.1 : Theory, implementation and quality assessment of geodetic reference frames


  • Study of models for time-continuous definitions of reference systems for discrete networks with a non-permanent set of points and their realization through discrete time series of station coordinate functions and related earth rotation parameters.
  • Understanding the relation between such systems and reference systems implicitly introduced in theories of earth rotation and deformation.
  • Extension of ITRF establishment procedures beyond the current linear (constant velocity) model, treatment of periodic and discontinuous station coordinate time series, understanding of their geophysical origins and related models.
  • Understanding the models used for data treatment within each particular technique, identification of possible biases and systematic effects and study of their influence on the combined ITRF solution. Study and improvement of current procedures for the merging of data from various space techniques.
  • Statistical aspects of reference frames, introduction and assessment of appropriate quality measures.
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