SC 1.2 - Global Reference Frames

Terms of Reference

Sub-Commission 1.2 is engaged in scientific research and practical aspects of the global reference frames. It investigates the requirements for the definition and realization of the terrestrial reference systems (TRS) and frames (TRF), addresses fundamental issues closely related to TRS, such as global geodetic observatories or methods for the combined processing of heterogeneous observation data.

Terrestrial Reference Systems refer to an important domain of Geodesy, involving both theoretical and applied aspects, as well as deep connections with Astronomy, Earth Sciences and Geo-information. This implies several visions:

  • An astronomical vision, using TRS to study translational and rotational motion of the Earth in inertial space.
  • An Earth Science vision, using TRS to build physical models of the Earth system, and its various components (solid earth, oceans, atmosphere, hydrosphere).
  • A metrological vision, using TRS together with suitable coordinate systems (geographical coordinates, map projections…) to define geographical position of objects in the Earth’s vicinity (geo-referencing).

The work will be done in close cooperation with the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), other relevant IAG services (IGS, ILRS, IVS, IDS), and the IAG Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS). Theoretical aspects will be investigated in cooperation with the Inter-Commission Committee on Theory.

Beyond IAG, cooperation with other relevant international organizations such as IAU, FIG or ISO will also be developed.

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