SC 1.3 - Regional Reference Frames


In addition to specific objectives of each regional sub-commission, the main objectives of SC1.3 as a whole are:

  • Develop specifications for the definition and realization of regional reference frames, including the vertical component with special consideration of gravity data and other data.
  • Coordinate activities of the regional sub-commissions focusing on exchange and share of competences and results.
  • Develop and promote operation of GNSS permanent stations, in connection with IGS whenever appropriate, to be the basis for the long-term maintenance of regional reference frames.
  • Promote the actions for the densification of regional velocity fields.
  • Encourage and stimulate the development of the AFREF project in close cooperation with IGS and other interested organizations.
  • Encourage and assist, within each regional sub-commission, countries to re-define and modernize their national geodetic systems, compatible with the ITRF.

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