SC 1.3b - South and Central America (SIRGAS)


The main purposes of the Sub-commission 1.3b are:

  • To determine, maintain and make available a geocentric reference frame (a set of stations with high-precise geocentric positions and their variation with time, as a regional densification of the global ITRF.
  • To support the SIRGAS countries in the establishment and maintenance of national geodetic reference networks as local densifications of SIRGAS in order to guarantee the accessibility to the global ITRF at national and local levels.
  • To establish a unified vertical reference system supporting the determination and precise combination of physical and geometric heights as well as their variations with time.
  • Contribute to the GGOS program by developing and implementing state-of-the-art products based on the SIRGAS observational infrastructure.
  • To promote, support and coordinate the efforts of the Latin American and Caribbean countries to achieve these objectives.

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