SC 1.3b - South and Central America (SIRGAS)




The structure of the Sub-commission 1.3b is based on the functioning bodies of SIRGAS. There are currently three Working Groups:

  • SC1.3b-WG1: Reference System

    Chair: Virginia Mackern (Argentina)

  • SC1.3b-WG2: SIRGAS at National Level

          Chair: William Martínez (Colombia)

  • SC1.3b-WG3: Vertical Datum

          Chair: Roberto Luz (Brazil)

The SIRGAS Executive Committee (as it is named in the SIRGAS statutes) is composed of:

  • SC1.3b Chair: C. Brunini (Argentina)

  • SC1.3b Vice-Chair: Laura Sánchez (Germany)

  • SC1.3b WG1 Chair: Virginia Mackern (Argentina)

  • SC1.3b WG2 Chair: William Martínez (Colombia)

  • SC1.3b WG3 Chair: Roberto Luz (Brazil)



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