SC 1.3d - Africa


In collaboration with the IAG community and its services organisations and the National and Regional Mapping Organisations of Africa, the aims and objectives of Sub-commission 1.3d (Africa) are:

  • To define the continental reference system of Africa. Establish and maintain a unified geodetic reference network as the fundamental basis for the national 3-d reference networks fully consistent and homogeneous with the global reference frame of the ITRF.
  • To realize a unified vertical datum and support efforts to establish a precise African geoid, in concert with the African Geoid project activities.
  • To establish continuous, permanent GPS stations such that each nation or each user has free access to, and is at most 500km from, such stations.
  • To provide a sustainable development environment for technology transfer, so that these activities will enhance the national networks, and numerous applications, with readily available technology.
  • To understand the necessary geodetic requirements of participating national and international agencies.
  • To assist in establishing in-country expertise for implementation, operations, processing and analyses of modern geodetic techniques, primarily GPS.
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