SC 1.3d - Africa

Programme of Activities

It is envisaged that regionalization of AFREF will follow an approach that consists of three major phases:

  • The establishment of a framework of permanent or semi-permanent GPS base stations throughout the region that will become part of the worldwide IGS network of stations.
  • The densification of the network of permanent or semi-permanent base stations, largely on a country-by-country basis, to determine the relationship between the national geodetic system and the ITRS, and to refine the transformation parameters necessary to relate the national systems to a common ITRF.
  • The third and equally important phase of the project will be to address the development of a more refined geoid model for Africa and the definition of a common vertical datum for the continent. This will be done in collaboration with the IAG Africa Geoid Project (Project 2.3 Commission 2).

It is further planned to hold workshops and seminars to strengthen the science and knowledge of geodesy and GNSS within Africa and their application to the development of reference frames.

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